My Hero One’s Justice Review

My Hero Ones Justice Review

Landen Brown

My Hero Academia is one of the hottest shonen animes that came out recently and it has been needing a game for a while. My Hero One’s Justice is a 3D arena fighting game and has three main attacks and you can think of it as rock, paper, and scissors any attack can be countered with another attack other than a guard break which breaks peoples guards. The graphics are pretty good and unique it has a comic book style to the game. The story is just a recap of most of the anime but the real aspect of the game is the multiplayer as you can fight against random people or friends and this is the most fun I had in the game with my friends. After a while, though the fighting does get kinda dull. So   I rate My Hero One’s Justice 7.5/10 so I would wait till a sale or the price drops to around 40 or 30 dollars to get the most out of your money.