Midterm Elections


Carsyn Lincks

On Tuesday, November 6, the Midterm Elections were held. As of October 31, the Republicans had the majority in the House of Representatives with 237 seats, the Democrats had 197, and one was Independent. The Senate was also held by the Republican with 51 seats to the Democrats 47 and two Independents, but the Democrats are trying to change that. If it were to stay the same and the majority of the house members are Republicans than that would mean all of Congress would be run by Republicans for the next two years. What that means is the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House would be made up of mostly Republicans for two more years. Since the President is Republican that would mean more of the laws and other things, like nominations, that the President makes will probably go through.

     The election resulted in a gain for Democrats in the House of Representatives. Democrats now hold the majority there with 219 seats as of this writing.  The Republicans held the Senate with 51 seats. There were also some firsts achieved this year. The first Muslim women were elected to Congress, both Democrats, one from Michigan and one from Minnesota. Also, the first Native American women were elected to Congress as well, one from New Mexico and one from Kansas.

    Locally, Asa Hutchinson was re-elected as Arkansas Governor. Arkansans also voted to legalize casinos in four counties.