Creed II Review


Carsyn Lincks

        Creed ll came out on November 21. The movie is a sequel to the movie Creed that came out on November 25, 2015. Creed ll continues the story of Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Creed. Adonis was in the same boat as his father was in the third Rocky movie. He was having to fight the son of Ivan Drago who killed his dad before Adonis was born. Adonis becomes the heavyweight champion and then Drago’s son challenges Creed into a fight. The fight was held in the US and came to a shocking end. There was a rematch fight held but this time it was fought in Russia instead of the US. While Adonis was training for the fight, his wife had their first child,  a little baby girl. Creed trained for months on end away from his family and friends to get ready for this fight. He was determined to win this fight not just for his dad but himself. This movie is rated PG-13 and has 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If you are asking me this movie is so worth the watch and I would give it a ten out of ten on entertaining and heartfelt moments.