Loss of a True Superhero


Abby Holycross

Stan Lee, the editor, and publisher for Marvel Comics, died November 12  at the age 95. He created some of the most iconic superheroes including Spider-Man, Thor, Ironman, Black Panther, and much more. Lee began his career as a comic book writer in 1939. He was the creator or co-creator of many Marvel characters.

Lee was born in December 28, 1922, in New York, New York. His real name was Stanley Martin Lieber. He was married to Joan B. Lee who died in July of 2017 at the age 69. The writer also had two daughters, Joan Celia Lee and Jan Lee.

He graduated high school at the age of 16 and was hired by Timely Comics to be an editorial assistant in 1942. In 1961, Lee created his first Marvel comic with artist Jack Kirby and together they created The Fantastic Four. About one year later, Lee and artist Steve Ditko created Spider-Man. All three of them started to work together using a method that they called “the Marvel method”. Later on in Lee’s career, he became the publisher and editorial director for the Marvel.

The first film adaption of one of Lee’s creation was X- Men in 2000 and Spider-Man in 2003. The films were huge hits and made millions of dollars. Many more films came out after that where he would make a cameo in each movie. This continued even after Disney bought the company.

Stan Lee had a very exciting and interesting life and we are sad to see him go. He died in Los Angeles, California after battling pneumonia. He will be remembered by many as one of the greatest comic book writers ever.