Passing of an American Legend


Jenna Evans

     The passing of George H. W. Bush has brought the United States together for a short while.  The political parties were civil at the funeral of the former president. He was the 41st president of the United States he was president from 1989- 1993 and he was a vice president from 1981- 1989 and he was the 43rd vice president under Ronald Reagan 1980-1988.

      George H. W. Bush had an open and closed ceremony due to his death. His death was due to a natural health issue he died at the age of 94. His official death date was on November 30, 2018, the date that he was born was on June 5, 1924.

     His son George W. Bush spoke at his funeral and what he says about his father is breathtaking you can tell they had a good relationship and had respect for each other. George W. Bush says ¨ To his very last days, dad’s life was instructive. As he aged he taught us how to grow with dignity, humor, and kindness.¨ this is pure love and pure heart filled to see how much he loved his father.

     Many people in the United States were devastated and heartbroken to hear about this wonderful man’s death. He did more for the United States then just being a president he also fought in World War One.