Fort Smith Elderly Program


Jackson Teague, Editor

      Christmas is usually a time to share gifts with one another and make magical memories with family members, but for many elderly citizens, they sometimes spend the holidays alone. Jonathan Fry, the owner of Home Instead Senior Care of Fort Smith, said,

     “some older men and women feel lonely simply because they have outlived their relatives and close friends, or they live too far from loved ones to receive frequent, much-needed social visits.”

There are a lot of great programs that focus on the children in need during the holiday season, but if you are a senior citizen there little to no community programs that focus on the needs of them. This can be combated, however, by participating in the 11th annual Be a Santa to a Senior program. Paper ornaments are placed on Christmas trees at four different United Federal Credit Union locations. The ornaments contain the needs of elderly citizens in the area that are participating. Tami Kuhns, director of operations for the Community Services Clearinghouse, said,

“Some of the seniors, they aren’t going to anything else because they don’t have family in the area and/or they don’t have anywhere to go. This brightens their day, and they get so excited. They can’t wait to open the bags; they’ll peak in the bags. It’s so worth it, just to see the expressions on their faces.”

Many who have watched the citizens receive the gifts have said that they are so excited that they’ll tell you to sit down and watch them open their presents. Please, if your parents are able, ask them to participate in the great event and bring a bit of holiday cheer to some people’s lives.