Band All-Region

Jackson Teague, Editor

Congratulations to all the Ramsey band members that made All-region Saturday! The students who made all-region is the following:


Ashlyn Cancel, 3rd band 5th chair

Lela Kamolsiri, 3rd band 10th chair

Britney Tran, 3rd band 11th chair


Jade Warren, 2nd band 2nd chair

Alexis Payeton, 2nd band 4th chair


Enrique Chrinios, 2nd band 2nd chair

Caroline Keck, 2nd band 3rd chair

Makenzie Burns, 2nd band 6th chair

Beau Sampley, 2nd band 18th chair

Braeden Wear, 2nd band 19th chair

Renee Davidson, 3rd band 6th chair

Alto Saxes:

Eliana Ramirez, 1st band 1st chair

Tenor Saxes:

Jacob McCoy, 2nd band 1st chair

Bari Saxes:

Graysen Conley, 2nd band 1st chair


Max Davis, 2nd band 11th chair

Johnson Laranjo, 3rd band 11th chair

Bryan Lopez, 3rd band 13th chair

Sofia Reyes, 3rd Alternate


Parker Hewitt, 1st band 1st chair

Matthew Humphrey, 3rd band 1st chair

Jazzmyn Pennington, 2nd alternate


Jonathan Rosas, 2nd band 9th chair

Sarah Ramirez, 3rd band 7th chair


Lindsey Walls-Rivera, 2nd band 3rd chair

Brooklyn Lamm, 3rd band 1st chair

Mylee Brown, 3rd band 7th chair


JD Kwo, 1st band 2nd chair

Adam Ferguson, 1st band 3rd chair

Chris Rhomberg, 3rd band 5th chair

Jason Boggs, 3rd band 6th chair