Yes, Build Security


Kylie Brooks

In my opinion, I believe that President Trump’s idea to build security is needed in this country. Sometimes we have to do the unpopular thing or stand up for the unpopular things.  President Trump is standing up for a wall that protects this country. Nothing more and nothing less. Yes, there will be retaliation and negative feedback, but the reasonings given by President Donald Trump were worth hearing and worth the rest of the country finally getting behind him in support of building the wall. I heard three huge reasons why the building of a secure wall would be practical, which are the drugs smuggled into our country, the strain on jobs, and crime committed by illegal immigrants.

If this country cannot recognize what a ridiculous state this country is in due to drugs then we have a problem. So many children in foster care due to parents losing children because they are addicted to drugs. That alone would entice many people to support the need to build a wall. Drugs are being carried into our country every single day from our southern border, and we are losing moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and children to drugs. We have to limit the drugs as much as possible and get back to our core roots as a country.

Also, the strain on jobs and resources for the natural and permitted citizens of this country is another reason that we have to comply with security. Everyone rates the president on his job and one of those topics to rate him on would be his unemployment rate, and if his unemployment rate is high, a lot of people consider him or her to be failing, but Donald Trump is trying to create more jobs and keep the jobs in this country worked by citizens and not illegal immigrants.

Lastly, the crime committed by illegal immigrants cannot be overlooked. If you want to come to this country to have a better life, then that should be the type of immigrants we give citizenship to, but it is hard to fight for illegal immigrants to be in this country if they are committing murders, and yes, I know that all of them are not doing it, but there has to be a line drawn and the proper procedure of entering our country has to be followed regardless of man, woman, or child.