Government Shutdown


Moira SIsco

      The United States is currently under a partial government shutdown and has been since December 22 of 2018. It is predicted to be the longest government shutdown in American history. The longest shutdown up to this point happened under President Clinton and lasted for 21 days.

    About 800,000 federal workers have been working without pay since the shutdown began. Trump declared this government shutdown when a bill brought to the House of Representatives didn’t pass. The bill was to help fund a potential wall for the southern border. An estimated 5.7 billion dollars would be needed to build the barrier and Democrats simply refused to comply.

    If the shutdown goes past January 11th, then all of the furloughed workers will have missed their first paycheck of the new year. The Antideficiency Act will also take place and start limiting the funds that Federal Courts receive.

    Trump addressed the nation on Tuesday, January 8 from the oval office. He went over many statistics detailing the crime, drug, and violence our country faces. Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer spoke on behalf of the Democrats in response to President Trump. They brought up valid points about the border wall, yet no compromise or negotiation was made. Unfortunately, it seems as though neither side will budge from where they stand. The longer the government is shut down, the more American citizens and federal employees will be hurt financially.