Escape Room Review

Jayden Jackson

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     Escape room (2019) was directed by Adam Robitel and is an hour and forty minutes. The movie ‘Escape room’ follows six disaster survivors who all compete to escape a series of rooms based on their disasters.  Although the cast consisted of good actors the story of the movie seemed inconsistent at times as well as the ending. The movie gave off an off-brand and low budget saw vibe.
     Escape room was rated low by most critics some even saying “It was inevitable that “Escape Room” would be a bad movie.” some even going as far to say “ It’s like the filmmakers themselves were locked in an escape room with no way out. At least, in the end, it’s true to the film’s premise. “Escape Room” is trapped.”

     Despite the string of mostly bad reviews of the movie, I myself enjoyed the movie and found that it kept me on the edge of my seat although I found the end of the movie to be not satisfying.


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