Bumblebee Review


Jayden Jackson

The Bumblebee movie is one of the many installments in the Transformers series. The film follows the story of Charlie, an 18 year old in 1987 who just got her driver’s license and is trying to fix the car her dad left behind for her. Charlie finds an old Volkswagen Beetle at a junkyard that is actually a transformer in hiding. This car is actually Bumblebee, a transformer. This film comes first in the timeline of the Transformers universe. It gives the background about how the Decepticons are taking over the home planet of the Transformers.

    The Transformers movies are notorious for being overproduced and not enjoyable, but this movie seemed to change the minds of critics of the Michael Bay saga. In my opinion, the movie Bumblebee is enjoyable, specifically the entire 1980’s aesthetic of the movie and I thought it had a good mix of action and plot.