The Stinky Stench in Fort Smith

Carsyn Lincks

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     There is a horrible stench that is permeating throughout the River Valley.  Fort Smith has been affected by this stench majorly. Many of you might have caught a whiff of this smell during and after school on Wednesday, Jan. 30. and again even in the school building on Friday, Feb. 1. The Channel 5 News has said that this smell will not leave us for a while. Our mayor, George McGill, has talked to the landowner in Crawford County, where the smell is being generated,  about this problem.  McGill has asked Crawford County to stop what they are doing at least until the wind has died down so the stench wouldn’t be as strong. The property owner has agreed to this request, but still the question is what exactly is causing this nauseating stench. The smell is being caused by a cleanup project to clean up the river bottoms of Arkansas. They are cleaning out the byproducts and sludge and spreading it out on the ground so it can dry, so they can then remove it. The owner has told McGill that when the wind dies down the process will resume and will take about 4 more day to complete.

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