The Conversation Ends

Moira Sisco

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     In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, you might have noticed that the famous Sweethearts (or conversation hearts) made by Necco are no longer on store shelves. Necco, a New England based company around Boston, MA, started in 1886 and went out of business abruptly last July. Of course, there are other alternatives to those sappy hearts, but nothing is quite like the real thing. Brach’s has their own version of the candy, but they don’t taste the same.

    Krispy Creme also hopped on board, making heart-shaped donuts with cute sayings like “Be mine” and “Crazy 4 U.” Even Oreo came out with a limited edition conversation heart flavor this year. We can’t forget about Sweetarts conversation hearts either.

    Although your favorite Valentine’s candy isn’t on shelves this year, there are a wide variety of substitutes. If you branch out, the results might surprise you.

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