The Prodigy – Review

The Prodigy - Review

The Prodigy was directed by Nicholas McCarthy and produced by Tripp Vinson and Tara Farney. The movie follows Sarah Blume ( Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling ) John Blume ( Peter Mooney ) and their child Miles (It’s Georgie, Jackson Robert Scott). Miles grows up with the personality of a serial killer inside his mind and is extremely dangerous. Miles’ mother, Sarah, gets an expert to assess her son and they discover for themselves that Miles does have the personality of a serial killer.


I personally believed that the movie was fantastic. There were a lot of plot twists that kept the audience engaged and always kept them guessing on what was actually occurring. The acting in the movie was superb and could really get you involved in the movie and at points made you believe the movie was a documentary at times. The movie seemed realistic and I could believe that would be a real scenario. I rate the movie 9.5/10, the only reason I take off .5 points is for the sudden ending.