The Dream Team Comes to Ramsey


Jenna Evans

On February 20, Ramsey Jr. High welcomed guest speaker  Dr. Adolph Brown. Brown is an educator, researcher, and motivational speaker who spends most of his time visiting schools around the country with his ¨ Dream Team.¨ Brown was raised in poverty, had divorced parents, and his older brother was murdered when Brown was only 11 years old. He has overcome many obstacles in his life, and he shared his story with the students and staff.

Brown devotes much of his life to trying to inspire students all over the country. He shows the teens he speaks to that if he could do it they could do it as well. He is also giving the image that there are others that have had hard times in their life but have succeeded to make their dreams come true. He has a Dream Team and all of them have been through hard times in their life but they are standing in front of crowds sharing their stories.

Brown and three members of his team: Jahzeel Mumford, Javier Trejo, and Meghan Shanley interacted with the students and made it almost feel like they were talking to every student individually. Some of the features of the assembly included a dance-off on the stage, having us sing back, playing popular music, and have all of us come together at the end with the song ¨Lean on Me.¨

Brown and his Dream Team spoke at all the Fort Smith secondary schools and also spoke in the evenings at both Northside and Southside so that parents and families would have the opportunity to hear his message. Brown and his team members can all be found on social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.