Happy Death Day 2 U


Moira Sisco

    Christopher Landon (director) and Jason Blum (producer) bring us another adrenaline-filled installment of the Happy Death Day franchise. Happy Death Day 2 U, released on February 13, brings you further into the world of Tree (Jessica Rothe), Carter (Israel Broussard), and Carter’s roommate Ryan (Phi Vu).

    The movie starts with Ryan waking up in his car. Viewers go through his day which takes a dark turn when someone starts taunting him. Ryan is lured into a chemistry lab where, just like in the first movie, someone in a baby mask kills him. Suddenly he wakes up in his car again, perfectly fine. Somewhat freaked out by this major deja vu, Ryan decides to tell Tree and Carter. After what Tree has been through, she knows his situation is serious.

    As the movie progresses, Tree wakes up on her birthday once again, but in an apparent parallel universe. Carter is with someone else and Ryan is accidentally altering time with a device he nicknamed SISSY. Thinking the killer is the same as before, Tree confronts her roommate, Lori (Ruby Mundine). Everything isn’t quite as it seems and a new evil has arisen; ready to take out Tree, and anyone else who gets in the way.  

    Happy Death Day 2 U seems to switch genres, going from horror to a sci-fi mystery. The idea of time-loops and alternate universes is nothing new, but the twists and turns will leave viewers with blown minds. The movie itself has left audiences with mixed emotions. Some like its uniqueness, whereas others claim the movie seems unoriginal. Either way, Happy Death Day 2 U has definitely amped things up compared to its first counterpart. Sources say a Happy Death Day 3 is already in the works.