Nvidia Strikes Back


Landon Harger

Nvidia is back at it again. Always trying to be the first in their field, the company is releasing two more graphics cards, and it hasn’t even been two months since the release of their RTX 2060 On March 15 they will be releasing the GTX1660 and on April 30 they will be releasing the GTX 1650. These will be priced at $229 and $197. The GPU will be running on the Turing Architecture same as the RTX cards The GPU sadly does not have ray tracing unlike it’s Turing Architecture siblings.

    The specs of the cards are pretty good for the price with the boost clock at 1770 MHz and 6 Gb gddr 6 memory.  With those settings, it will be able to play any game on max setting and get well over 100 fps. Which means this card is probably going to take over Budget King for a graphics card and is probably the most reasonable graphics card I have seen in a while.

   Put in the comments below what architecture the gtx 1080 ti runs down and you may win a prize. .