2019- 2020 Cheer

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2019- 2020 Cheer

Carsyn Lincks

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Congratulations to the new 2019-2020 Ramsey cheer team.


Makyna Bourland- 8th

Breanna Butcher- 9th

Matalin Dickinson- 8th

Anna Garlow- 8th

Tess Harper- Returner

Mackenzie Lewis- Returner

Becca Lott- 9th

Maia Mcgregor- 9th

Tarrin Mckinney- 9th

Ale Meza- Returner

Brady Ray- 9th

Kyleigh Reeves- Returner

Micha Sharp- 8th

Audrey Summerhill- Returner

Abbie Turnbull- 8th

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