Jonas Brothers Reunited


Abby Holycross

On February 28, the Jonas Brothers posted a picture on their Instagram of themselves and saying “Midnight ET #Sucker.” After that, they posted many things saying that they are coming out with a new song. That night, they dropped their first song on six years.

Their song “Sucker” has become the brother’s first Number 1 single on the Hot 100. Since the song has come out, they have had media attention. The Jonas Brothers have appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden. They have also done many radio interviews too.

This is the first song that the Jonas Brothers have come out since there single “Pom Poms” in 2013. Many fans believed that was the last, we would see of the boy band. But after working out their differences, they have come back and surprised us all. They have mentioned that they have over 30 songs that are ready to come out. The group has also confirmed they will be going on tour. Fans can’t wait for all these things and more to happen with the group.