Five Feet Apart Review

Five Feet Apart Review

Carsyn Lincks

    Five Feet Apart came out  Friday, March 3. The movie stars Cole Sprouse (Will Newman) and Haley Lu Richardson (Stella Grant). The movie’s plot is about two teens that both have the disease Cystic Fibrosis, or as the movie commonly refers to it, CF. CF does not allow anyone that has the disease to be within six feet of each other, or they have a chance of catching the other patient’s bacteria, and this could lead to death. Will and Stella deal with this issue in an interesting way as they decide instead of staying the full six feet apart, to only stay five feet apart, hence the name of the movie.

    The pair of teens have had the disease for as long as they could remember, the disease affecting their daily lives. Will is the typical rebellious teenage that couldn’t care less about his treatments and trying to beat the disease. Stella, on the other hand, is obsessed with taking her medicines and having them in order. Stella has a daily checklist where she makes sure she has done everything, including taking her medicine, each day. Stella’s best friend, Poe – who also suffers from CF –  and her nurse, Barb, want the best for Stella and Will but do not see eye to eye on a thing when it comes to the rules. Barb wants both Will and Stella to live so she tries her best to keep the pair apart so there isn’t a chance of one of them catching the other’s bacteria. Poe does his best to bring Will and Stella closer together throughout the movie.

    Stella and Will can’t have a normal relationship because the closest they’ll ever be allowed to get near each other is five feet apart. All their lives they have had to stay apart from people with CF, no matter how close they are to that person. Stella tries her hardest to stay connected to the outside world by vlogging her everyday life.

    The movie has a lot of twists and turns that’ll keep any engaged audience on the edge of their seats. If you want to see the drama unfold you’ll have to go out and see this movie for yourself. In my opinion, the movie rating deserves to be a 7/10 because it has great character, but in other aspects could have been a lot better. If you do decide to go see Five Feet Apart you better be armed with a box of tissues because this one might bring tears to your eyes.