The Act


Landen Brown

     The Act is a Hulu original directed by Nick Antosca and Michelle Dean. The first episode was released March 20,  and the series will 8 episodes long. The main character is Gypsy Blanchard is played by Joey King (The Kissing Booth, The Conjuring) and the mother is Dee Dee Blanchard is played by  Patricia Arquette (Holes, Boyhood) and the neighbors daughter is played by AnnaSophia Robb (Soul Surfer, Bridge to Terabithia) and the neighbor is played by Chloe Sevigny (Shattered Glass, The Brown Bunny). The first episode is all about setting up the series and the back story. The mother lost everything in Hurricane Katrina so she moved and since she has a special needs daughter a group build he a brand new house and she gets interviewed about the news. Then she meets her neighbor that believes that you have to let your children fend for themselves but she still loves her kids. One of them offers to do Gypsy’s makeup and she really wants and then her mother is very overprotective so she watches over them and later that day she makes her wash it off. Then they throw a neighborhood party and Gypsy eats a cupcake and the mother freaks out and takes her to the E.R. and the doctor says she isn’t allergic to sugar. But the mom says she is allergic along with a lot of other things. That is the end of the first episode. The Act is getting a lot of good feedback with 90/100 and 80%. A new episode will come out every Wednesday.