Green New Deal Falls Short


Abby Holycross

     On Tuesday, March 26, the Senate voted on Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez’s Green New Deal. Not a single person voted ‘yes’ for her proposal. Many Democrats voted “present” because they believed they would not win because the Senate is controlled by Republicans. After losing, Cortez tweeted,

     “I encouraged them to vote present, along w/ others.”

     She went on to say that Senator McConnell tried to rush the hearing for the deal.

     The New Green Deal plan is to slow climate change by eliminating fossil fuels. She planned to get rid of airplanes, replace every building in America, and much more. According to the Action Forum, the New Green Deal would cost about $93 trillion.

     The deal appeals mainly to Democrats, while Republicans feel it is a waste of money and resources. As of now, the deal will not be happening, but there may be other hearings regarding the proposal in the future.