SpaceX Prototypes


Jackson Teague, editor

     Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, is preparing to test a spaceship prototype that will be capable of carrying 100 passengers with the intent to colonize Mars. This test will not have any human participants as it is to see if the spaceship will actually work. The ship will barely leave the ground, tweeted Musk, it will involve a few hops on the spaceship’s behalf. Because of these hopes, the spaceship has been rightfully named Starship Hopper.

     A specific date has not been named for this test, but the test is supposed to occur near the company’s launch facility near Brownsville, Texas. The launch site was finally revealed to be ready for a test launch earlier this year. Views of the launch will be available for viewing on SpaceX intends to Starship Hopper as an interplanetary transportation system.