Scary Movies Coming to a Theater Near You

Scary Movies Coming to a Theater Near You

Jayden Jackson

These scary movies are destined to give everyone chills.

Pet Semetary by Stephen King follows Dr. Luis Creed and his wife Rachel after they relocate from Boston to rural Maine. With their two young children, the couple soon discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden in the woods near their home. Release Date April 5.

Us by Jordan Peele follows a seemingly normal family returns to the beachfront home she grew up in as a child. Adelaide who is haunted by trauma from the past grows increasingly worried that something bad is about to happen. Her feats soon become a reality when four masked strangers begin to stalk her family. Release Date March 22.

Annabelle Comes Home – Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren keep the possessed murderous doll Annabelle Locked up in their home when the doll awakens the rooms evil spirits it becomes a nightmare for the couples young daughter. Release Date June 28.

Happy Death Day 2U – The sequel to the original Happy Death Day, this movie follows Tree Gellbman as she finds herself in the same predicament that she was in the first movie. Release Date February 14.

Ma by Tate Taylor follows a woman in a small town in Ohio who buys alcohol for some teenagers. As the kids continue to have parties at Ma’s she establishes some rules and becomes terrifyingly obsessed. Release Date May 31.

It Chapter 2 by Stephen King continues the story that started 17 years earlier in the late 1980s. The kids of It are now adults who must return to Castel Rock and face the fears from their childhood. Release Date September 6.