Waitress The Musical

Waitress The Musical

Kadence Douglas

On Tuesday, April 9 of this year the first showing of Broadway hit ‘Waitress’ in the US Tour at the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Among the cast was Christine Dwyer as Jenna Hunterson, Maiesha McQueen as Becky, and Ephie Aardema as Dawn. All three women work as- you guessed it- waitresses at Joe’s Diner. Jenna Hunterson, the main character, is an underappreciated baker who creates a new pie every day. The musical centers around Jenna and her two friends, Becky and Dawn, stumbling through life, love, and relationships.

The whole performance managed to tackle serious issues (ones such as abuse and affairs), while still keeping a comedic tone along with it. During the first act, there was nearly non-stop laughter from the audience. The second act deviates from the feel of the first act a bit, diving more into the sad parts of the issues being dealt with. Of course, there are still comedic parts, but it was a much more grave mood. By the end, the musical had taken a heartwarming turn. The production managed to juggle all of these moods perfectly.

Other than the plot and mood, the visual performance was phenomenal. From the smooth choreography to the fantastic acting, it was apparent that the actors must have rehearsed for months to get it perfect. I recall being astonished by how well everything went. Everyone on stage had amazing voices paired with amazing dancing- which only made the musical twice as enjoyable.

Overall, I would say the production was astounding. It had one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard, with smooth choreography and fantastic handling on issues and mood. I would suggest this musical to anyone- a fan of musical theatre or not.