Cheering at Fairview


Tarrin Mckinney

     The Ramsey cheerleaders performed on Friday, April 12 at Fairview Elementary School for their annual carnival. The performance included a dance and stunts. Team captains, Tess Harper, and Kyleigh Reeves, said that the cheerleaders were nervous for their first performance as the 2019-20 Ramsey Cheer team.  

    Next year’s team includes Tess Harper, Kyleigh Reeves, Audrey Summerhill, Kenzie Lewis, Ale Meza, Tarrin Mckinney, Maia Mcgregor, Becca Lott, Breanna Butcher, Abbie Turnbull, Brady Ray, Anna Garlow, Micha Faldon, Mattie Dickinson, and Makyna Bourland.