In Other News…


Jayden Jackson

On April 23rd the Arkansas Health Care Association Pageant in Hot Springs was won by a 97-year-old Fort Smith woman. Jessie Pitman, who lives at a Fianna Hills nursing home, won both the nursing homes pageant and the districts pageant. Although this was her first time ever competing in a pageant she beat several other competitors and was crowned by Miss Arkansas.

Seven Pups Thrown in Trash

A woman has been arrested for throwing seven newborn puppies into a public dumpster after being caught on video. Surveillance video showed, the woman getting out of her car with a bag containing the pups and dropping them into the dumpster. Authorities say they found 30 other dogs at Deborah Culwells home and impounded them.

Almost 75 Turtles Rescued from Arkansas Sewer

An east Arkansas animal shelter has rescued almost 75 box turtles from a water treatment facility after they got trapped in a sewage pond filter. The West Memphis animal shelter says they were contacted by the treatment facility notified the shelter last Wednesday and by the end of the day all 75 turtles had been rescued