Advice for New Freshmen

Advice for New Freshmen

Ryan Hauer

 I’m not just giving this kind of information because it’s “easy” or “obvious”. Your credits matter next year, which is why you need to try harder. Next year your actions affect the rest of your life. You need to start thinking about the choices you make because you’re choices are now very important. Choices like paying attention in school, getting your school work completed and turned in, etc.

   Your high school years are most likely the four most important years of your life so far. Those four years will decide the opportunities you will have after high school. Speaking from personal experience, some of my grades are kind of poor, because I wouldn’t pay that much attention and I never studied for tests. I wish I would have done homework and studied, I really do. You don’t want to be living in your parent’s basement, do you? The harder you work, the better you can do. The better you can do, the better the jobs you get. The better jobs you get, the more money you make.

   Outside of the academic aspects, there are also a lot of social aspects. There are a lot of rude people, and more than likely, you already know this. The best way to keep yourself out of trouble is to not be one of those rude people yourself. If someone aggravates you, or makes you mad, try to either find a way to get along with them or just avoid them.  Either way, stay out of trouble.

   Good luck, new Freshman!