Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Grace Garcia, Kaileigh Staser, Krislyn Wilson

     Healthy and unhealthy relationships are very common and can be a serious matter. There are different types of toxic relationships. Some signs that you are in one are: it feels bad all the time, you can’t talk to the other person because they won’t understand, physical or verbal abuse, too much passive-aggressive behavior, and they can lie A LOT, they can cheat and steal items, and etc. Some signs that you are in a healthy relationship are:, you move at a comfortable pace that fits each other’s wishes, you trust each other, you care about each other’s well-being, and so on. 

     Ways to spot if someone you know is in a toxic relationship is if they are standoffish, they have physical bruises, their personality made a drastic change, they apologize a lot, and they never talk positively about their partner. What you could do to get him/her out of the situation is that you could talk to them about their relationship in hopes they will open up. If not you can tell their parent, guardian or trusted adult about what you have seen. Even when you guys are in the talking stage there are many signs you should look for. One of them is something that is called ̈’’ love bombing’’. Love bombing is when your partner is a lovey-dovey one day and the next they don’t want anything to do with you. Another is if you feel like you are giving all the effort in the relationship. That can be exhausting. Your happiness is the most important here. If you are not happy, just leave. It’s hard but just leave. 

     Not only romantic relationships are toxic; your “friends” can also be toxic to you.  We are in the age where having friends is very important for your social development, and keeping that in mind sometimes you can pick the wrong friends. Some signs that you are in a toxic friendship is peer pressure, verbal abuse, and even physical abuse in some cases. Ways to prevent friendship abuse is, spot the signs of rude behavior, like putting you down. Don’t tell personal information to them until you feel like you can trust them, And treat them with respect just like you would like to be treated.  

     In conclusion, unhealthy relationships can be very dangerous, and if you think this could possibly be you, reach out to someone you trust, Like a parent or guardian. Don’t let yourself, and possibly other people around you get hurt from someone