Lady Rams Face a New Season


     Another season of the Lady Rams volleyball kicked off at the Jamboree. They did not play any other school, they played against each other, the Blue team vs. the Gold team.  The balls were flying high, hits were hard, and the crowd was cheering. The players were very competitive making it a very intense game. The Lady Rams have always had a great team, working hard, showing leadership, and having great sportsmanship. The Jamboree benefited the Volleyball players because it showed the areas they need to work on and the areas they are stronger in.  Coach Erin Chronister said, 

It was a lot of fun like I said I split them evenly, and so it was really competitive between both sides. One team would go run, and the other team went to play.”

We are all ready to see the Lady Rams show the other schools what Ramsey is all about. Let’s have a great season!! GO LADY RAMS!!!!!