Welcome Back Pep Rally


Derick Fritts

     Ramsey started off the new year with a pep rally to get everyone going with spirit.  Getting ready to go inside band students played their instruments and cheered. The students went to the gym for the pep rally hearing music in the distance. At the pep rally, everyone had a chance to get to know the teachers by departments over cheering music in the background. after the music stopped everyone was listening. Our guest speaker, local artist Bryan Alexis, gave a short speech saying, 

     “We are all different. Embrace what makes you different”.

     After Bryan Alexis spoke, there was more upcoming news for the school year.  As we started the first week of school it hits slow for the new and old students alike. People getting back into schedule drinking a bucket worth of coffee, so they could wake up. Monday and Tuesday running late to your first period. Wednesday and Thursday getting comfortable with a new schedule. Friday everyone has full energy pumping for the weekend as it was a good way to start the year.  The first week was brief but filled with exceeding excitement of what the Ramsey Junior High is all about.