Welcome New Rams

Katia Howell

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     There have been many new students coming to Ramsey Junior High, but the biggest group so far has been this year’s seventh graders. The seventh graders coming into Ramsey have founded the experience here good overall. Some have said that it was a very serious environment. They are liking their classes because they get to meet new people and because their teachers are good teachers. Many of the students came from Fairview Elementary, though there are several elementary feeder schools to Ramsey.  Ramsey the largest junior high, and it can feel very big,  especially if you came from a small elementary. So far a great majority of the seventh graders have not gotten lost or walked into the wrong class this school year. They have made new friends coming here to Ramsey. Their favorite subjects are a mix of everything from P.E. to Language Arts. The new seventh graders here at Ramsey are a big friendly group of students.