Bringing Back the Backpacks


For the last four years, Ramsey Junior High has issued backpacks to the students. This year that changed and students are able to supply their own bags. Students and teachers both have opinions on this new change.

Ninth-grader Audrey Summerhill says,

I like it because I can find my backpack easier and not get them mixed up. It’s nice to have your own unique backpack. Like, only one percent of the school would have the same one I do. Also, personal backpacks are usually better quality than the school-issued ones since the school has to make so many for all the students.”

Other students agree that the backpacks help students express their personal style. Both 8th-grader Patrick Howell and 9th-grader Gerrit Standridge commented that school-issued backpacks do not offer that chance for students. Phoenix Chandler adds that he thinks,

They should’ve had personal backpacks a long time ago. Honestly, school-issued backpacks kinda suck. They aren’t as good as the personal backpacks.” 

Some of the staff also shared their opinions on the subject.

     Brooke Daugherty has been teaching here at Ramsey Junior High for 4 years. When asked her opinion on the personal backpacks, she said,

     “I think it is a great idea! I think students are really liking bringing their own backpacks. It gives each student a sense of individuality.” 

Art teacher Hilary Bardin has been working at Ramsey Junior High for three years and says,

     “Considering we need backpacks to use for the Chromebooks and notebooks, I think it’s a good idea, though there are some pros and some cons about allowing the students to have their own bags… a pro is definitely that the students can show their individuality. Decorate their bags with stickers and whatnot. A con is obviously that some students may be more comfortable to bring things they shouldn’t since they know of hiding spots in their bags.”

Overall, Rams seem to agree that this is a positive change for the students here at Ramsey.