Democratic Debate


Jordan Kennedy

On September 12, 2019, the third Democratic presidential debates were held at Texas Southern University, to determine the nominee of the Democratic party in the 2020 presidential election. Out of the original 20, only 10 candidates remain, and out of those 10, only a few made an impressive performance. While Klobuchar had a few good zingers against Trump such as when she said 

     “Trump is treating our farmers like poker chips at one of his bankrupt casinos.”, 

      but she was also criticized for how she handled a police shooting of a young black man. While Castro did make some good points and didn’t dodge questions, he didn’t show any great moments that show he is different from the rest of the candidates. 

     Then there is Andrew Yang giving his “1000 freedom dollars” shpiel, while still not explaining how he will acquire those freedom dollars. Kamala Harris, like all of the other debates, focused all of her energy on destroying Biden and Trump. One quote was, 

      “Trump kind of reminds me of the Wizard of Oz… where when you pull back the curtain, it’s a really small dude.”

     However, she was also called out by other candidates, and even the hosts on how her stances on many issues have changed over time, seemingly on the flip of a coin. Despite being a serious contender for the nomination, Bernie Sanders didn’t do too much, a far cry from his “I wrote the damn bill” comments. In this debate, he seemed like the neighborhood crotchety old man instead of a symbol of resistance against Trump. Then there’s good old uncle Joe. In this debate Biden had a few gaffes like always, the most important one was when he called a tv a record player. He was also under fire from almost every other candidate, not allowing him to make any profound moves. 

     Towards the end of the debate, the candidates were asked what challenges the candidates faced in their personal life, but before Biden could start some members of the audience began shouting unintelligibly at him.  

     I feel the biggest winners of this debate weren’t any of the previously mentioned, instead, I’d give this to O’rourke, Buttigieg, Booker, and Warren. O’rourke, although not doing well   throughout the debate, made serious waves and received a lot of media attention when he said   

       “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47, and we won’t let them be used to killing our citizens! I don’t need that weapon to hunt, or to kill, that is a weapon of war!” 

     For Buttigiege I’d say despite not losing any ground in the debate, he got less media attention since he was a cooler head, and didn’t make any outbursts. Buttigieg spoke about his experiences in Afghanistan, how he said immigration would benefit the country, how to improve the education system, and presents him as a man of the people, not a politician. Then there’s Cory Booker, the candidate that would make a real-life Cory in the House. Despite this, Booker is actually a serious candidate, and he covered almost every issue in this election, gun control, climate change, racism, health care, Donald Trump, and the prison system. 

     And finally, there is Elizabeth Warren. I believe that second to Biden, Warren has the best chance of becoming the Democratic nominee due to her outspoken socialism, while being calmer and more relatable than Bernie Sanders. While Booker covered almost every topic, Warren covered a few in greater detail, namely health care, education, and immigration. 

Of course every candidate gave speeches on how we need to unite against Trump under the Democratic party, but of course, they always say it should be them to lead that charge against the incumbent president. Despite this, we are in for a ride, because Biden, who was considered a shoe-in for the nomination, is declining in popularity. Meanwhile, originally outside bets like Warren, have only risen since the beginning. This race looks to be very interesting, and very uncertain.