Changing Departments


     Ms. Laura Brown is a seventh-grade teacher that has been working at Ramsey Junior High for 14 years. She recently changed from teaching science to teaching geography. She said that she was looking forward to the change,

     “I had been teaching science for about 13 years, so the change was nice.”

     And she said that it’s not too much of a change.

     “There are some differences, but a lot of similarities, depending on what the topic is at that time.”

     She also switched from eighth to seventh grade. She was asked about the change,

     “I think 7th graders may be needier than 8th, but I do not foresee there being a huge difference.”

     And she was asked about what subjects she’s teaching,

     “I only teach social studies this year.  I have taught just about every subject in the past at one time or another.”

     Ms. Brown was asked about her past schools. She went to junior high in Greenwood and for high school,

     “I graduated high school from Greenwood but grew up just a few miles south of the Ft. Smith city limits.”