Sandy Hook Promise


Kiley Riggs

On December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut,  Sandy Hook Elementary school went through a terrible day. 20-year-old Adam Lanzo shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children between six to seven years old, and six adult staff members. It was a devastating day for so many parents who lost their children or husband/wife. It impacted everyone who heard about it. 

In August 2018, The Sandy Hook Promise, a nonprofit organization, issued a press release that opposed the proposed plan by the Department of Education to provide funding to arm teachers. Now, in 2019 the Sandy Hook Promise came out with a little back to school essential video. It talks about different back to school items that you would take on a normal everyday basis can be more than you think. Towards the middle of the video, it starts getting into the school shooting issue. It shows that the things you bring to school every day can help you when something like this happens to your school. For example, a pair of scissors can help you defend yourself, or the new pair of rainbow socks can help you address a wound. It shows how you can keep yourself safe, and help others if needed.

Some people might say that there is no purpose to this video. My opinion about the video. Is that it shows you how to prevent gun violence and other forms of violence. On their website, Sandy Hook Promise, they state that “ We are trying to create a culture of engaged youth and adults committed to identifying, intervening, and getting help for individuals who might be at risk of hurting themselves or others.” I believe this video does have a purpose and that every teacher/parent should go over this with their students and discuss it. 


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