Tragedy on the Conception


Santa Barbara County Fire

#CommercialBoatFire- The 75??? Conception, based in Santa Barbara Harbor, caught fire early 9/2 while anchored off Santa Cruz Island, multiple agencies responded. 5 people were rescued and 34 are missing. **Media ONLY Contact Lt. Eric Rainey/SBSheriffs 805-886-7440**

Landon Harger

On September 2 in Santa Barbara, California the boat the Conception had a fire that killed 34 people. Of those people, 33 were guests and one was a crew member. Investigators still do not know what caused the fire on the boat. Some did speculate that there was not enough power going to each device being charged which started a power surge causing the fire. After only two days of search and rescue, the search became a search and recovery mission as officials did not expect to find any more survivors.

Most people blame the large number of fatalities on the fact that the passengers were on the bottom level and the crew being higher in the ship. Also, there were not good safety precautions in place. All victims have been found and now there is a memorial for them on the harbor where you can go and pay respects to them.