Live School Kick Off


Derick Fritts

On Friday, September 20, Ramsey Junior High had a Live School Pep Rally to kick off a new year of Live School.  Live school is a system that helps keep track of how much students behavior. It can be used to note when a student is doing the right thing or goes above and beyond expectations. Live School is used to help motivate students to stay on the right path.

At Ramsey, the students are divided into four Live School houses, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow. Each student’s points, both earned and taken away, contribute to the house totals. Each month and each quarter there are prizes available to the students in the house with the most points. Prizes are also available for other students to purchase with their points. Rewards are things like activities in or outside of school or field trips. Teachers are also assigned to the houses.

During the Live School assembly students sat with their houses and were called on stage in the auditorium to participate in games to gain points for their house. Teachers also had a chance to play. The games played were and winning houses were:

Bouncer – Green

Stick the Landing – Blue

Noodling Around – Blue

Paper Scraper – Blue

In Bouncer students had to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup. In Stick the Landing they had to flip a water bottle into a standing position. Noodling Around was a chance for the teachers to play and try to get pasta shells into a cup using their mouth. And, Paper Scraper involved building a house out of index cards.

Keep earing those Live School points, and remember every point you learn impacts your team as well!