Freshmen Enjoy Keystone

Mya Anderson

A new requirement for Fort Smith Public Schools has been added to the curriculum at Ramsey Junior High. Beginning this year, 9th graders must take Keystone, which was optional last year but is now mandatory. With this new development comes adaptations and alterations. When asked about these changes and how students and herself may feel about them 9th grade Keystone teacher Taryn Lincoln responded with the following:

Q: Are kids excited for Keystone?

A: “Students do seem excited about the activities we do in class.” 

Q: How is Keystone different from Career Development?

A: “Keystone has more of a personal development aspect than other career courses and is meant to be a continuum to what they learn in 8th-grade Career Development.”

Q: Why is Keystone important?

A: “Keystone is important because it gives students the opportunity to self assess and make their dreams a reality through practical applications.”

Q: How has the change affected you personally?

A: “Since Keystone is now a graduation requirement, two other teachers (Coach Davis and Ms. Lacey Hunter) are also teaching the course.  I love that there are other teachers now teaching the course because it gives me the opportunity to collaborate with others.”

Q: What are your strengths as a Keystone and Yearbook teacher? What are your weaknesses?

A: “I think my strengths include having energy and strategies that allow students to collaborate with one another.  I do have to constantly research topics that I want to teach to ensure I’m giving my students what they need.”

Q: How much do you enjoy teaching Keystone?

A: “I love teaching Keystone!  It has helped me become a better teacher and given me the opportunity to help students prepare for the future.”

With this new insight on how Keystone has changed and how both students and teacher have prepared for it. I can say I enjoyed questioning Mrs. Lincoln on future and present plans and this interview was extremely fun to be a part of!