Ramsey Chamber Choir

Ramsey Chamber Choir

Gunner Destea

Chamber Choir is a mixed choir filled with experienced male and female voices. This choir will meet in the morning and/or after school Tuesdays through Fridays. Auditions have already taken place, but there will be a chance after Christmas Break to re-audition. Chamber Choir may perform at different events such as: singing the national anthem at games, Christmas caroling around town, performing at CPA, and many more. The first rehearsal will be October 8. Congratulations to all the people that made it!


Becca Albertson

Piper Dressendorfer

Jordyn Garton

Tara Hill

Ella Kuykendall

Allyissa Landry

Macey McGhee

Samantha Osborne

Evakay Sayaphath

Eleanor Sharp

Audrey Summerhill

Lori Yarberry


Sydni Bottjen

Lilly Bottoms

Tess Harper

Lana Holden

Emily Medlyn

Brooklyn Roberts

Reese Robinson

Brianna Shepherd

Kaylin Sysomphou


Kent Arnold

Viktor Browder

Logan Gillam

Hayden Godby

Ryan Goh

Adam Shaver

Easton Stinnett

Noah Williams


River Albertson

Jaylan Albritton

Ali Bensalah

Devon Blevins

Kage Castling

Gunner Destea

CJ Dickerson

Zander Kelley

Jessiah McKinney

Gavin O’Hara

Cam Renteria