Dangers of Halloween: and how to stop them

Dangers of Halloween: and how to stop them

Mya Anderson

It is common knowledge that Halloween is a dangerous holiday, and with children roaming around at NIGHT it is to be expected. According to ProtectAmerica.com, there are 3,8000 Halloween-related injuries each year. According to the same source, children are two times more likely to be killed in traffic accidents on Halloween, and 41 people are injured in Halloween house fires every year. With this newfound knowledge, we can deduce ways to stop these occurrences. 

  • Supply Yourself  

Make sure you are equipped with visible and bright clothing so passing drivers can see you. Have a flashlight handy so you can clearly see what is in front of you at all times. 

  • Be Careful With Lighting 

Jack O’Lanterns are a great way to show Halloween spirit! Decorating your house with lights is also a great way to show your enthusiasm for the holiday. However, these activities can result in fires. Make sure to be safe with appliances, do not excessively plug-in devices into the same outlet. Be extremely careful with lighting your pumpkins, and please make sure to place your pumpkin on a stable surface.

  • Have A Safe Route Home

Please ensure that whether you are getting a ride home or walking home in the dead of night, that you have a safe route home, if possible you should have your guardian walk you door-to-door and home, but if that’s not an option make sure to walk through very public places on your way home to ensure your safety.

Many people may not want to take the extra steps to guarantee their safety but at Ramsey Junior High it is imperative that you stay safe in and out of school! Have a Happy (and safe) Halloween!