River valley rodeo

Derick Fritts

     I went to my first rodeo to help my mother who sells vases and other art that she has. The rodeo was in Lavaca, Arkansas.  As it was my first rodeo which my mother knew, she told me I could go around and see what was going on. It was different for sure, everyone is saying y’all with cowboy boots while if someone was looking at me they would see a kid in a jacket with normal walking shoes standing in a dark corner. It was the hottest day of the weekend at 80 degrees.

      Watching bull riding was crazy.  People would risk their life riding a bull. My mother’s stand was right next to the bull’s cages so we could see the aftermath of what happened which they went back to normal in the cage. The strangest part of the bull riding where people called the bullfighters where they would fight the bull back to its cage.  After all, I did like bull riding how brave they could ride a bull for seconds to best someone else. It’s like a messed up game of baseball where you and your teammates are showing off your skills while batting.

     Barrel racing for a second I didn’t know what it was I had never heard of it before. When I saw a horse clapping around the arena where they were bull riding. Barrels at least three were around the arena. The first person was up as the horse started to speed up running around the barrels fast but diligent not to run over the barrels it was a true form of art. Others started to go even a tiny girl riding a horse was in the barrel race which surprised me. After the whole day, I would say that everyone should at least go to a rodeo at least once in their life.