Record breaking run

Landon Harger

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On Saturday on October 12th Eliud Kipchoge broke the almost impossible barrier of running a marathon in under two hours. Kipchoge ran a 1:59:40 time which required him to run a 4:35 minute average mile. Some of the reasons that he was able to run this fast of a time were because of the weather, road conditions, and his pacemakers. First off his pacemakers, which were people who would run around so his speed could not change. they were there to make sure he didn’t go too fast or too slow. Next, the weather, to run a good marathon you need to have the perfect temperature and wind and that is what Kipchoge had Saturday. Finally, the course he ran on, for starters he ran by himself, the only other people running were his pacemakers, also it was a relatively smooth course. It was also said that his shoes were a part of the reason he was able to shave off minutes.

This is not the first time Kipchoge has tried to break the two hour barrier. Back in 2016 Nike announced Breaking2 this is where they put together a team of 3 elite runners and trained them for a year. He almost broke the record that day but was short by 20 seconds getting a 2:00:25 time.  It only took him 2 years and a perfect day to break that barrier.