Dems debate in Ohio


Jordan Kennedy

     On October 15, we had the 4th Democratic debates, hosted on CNN by Erin Buffet, Anderson Cooper, and Marc Lacey. Despite the explosive nature of the third debate, with memorable quotes like “Hell yes, were going to take your AR-15’s” from Beto O’Rourke, the fourth debate lacked any interesting qualities or major occurrences. All this debate was, was arguing about the intricacies of health care, tax plans, and the opioid epidemic, in ways that most Americans don’t understand.

Out of the debate, the only candidates who qualified for the November debate were Biden, Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg, Harris, Klobuchar, Yang, Steyer, and Booker, so they will be the most important candidates from this point forward unless outsiders like O’Rourke can push themselves back into the limelight. 

From the candidates who did not make it, the most important are Castro, Gabbard, and O’rourke. Castro was just as lackluster as the previous debate, resulting in his decline in the Democratic polls, his only major statements about policy were his statement that he will punish opioid companies monetarily. Gabbard also fell from grace due to her comments on the Syrian Civil War, and many believing she is a Russian puppet. Then O’Rourke’s performance was a far-cry from the last debate, going from the “hell yes we’re gonna take your AR-15s” quote, to barely any time on whatsoever. 

Out of the major candidates, the most laughable is Steyer, despite being less popular than Tulsi Gabbard, and making up less than one percent of the votes in the polls, he still qualified for the debates. Then we get to the front runner, Joe Biden. It seems many have forgotten some of his previous gaffs, or maybe Warren fell down a peg after everyone going after her in this debate, either way, Biden is back on top. Then the previously mentioned Warren was attacked from all sides, from Castro criticizing her tax policy, to Harris attacking her on her opinion of FaceBook and Twitter, making it so she didn’t make any gains in this debate. Sanders in this debate didn’t win or lose, staying solidly in third place. He also took a strong stance on Turkey’s invasion of the Rojava region of Syria, saying that Turkey should be kicked out of NATO. Then Pete Buttgiege managed to knock Harris out of fourth place, with his passionate speech about how Trump isn’t destroying our efforts in the Middle East, but our betrayals and withdrawals from the situation, instead of fully committing to the front. Then where Buttigiege focused on foreign policy, Harris went hard on domestic, giving her views on abortion, monopolies, and the opioid epidemic. Ultimately Harris didn’t slip up, but she never struck a chord with the viewers. Klobuchar focused on beating back Trump, supporting unions, and winning former Trump supporters to her side. Andrew Yang, like Castro, was very lackluster, only discussing his tax policy and his views on the opioid epidemic. Finally, we have Booker. Booker didn’t really make an impact on the debate too much. Like previous debates, instead of making passionate speeches or discussing policy, he focused on attacking Trump, which is a good strategy, but that can’t be the only thing he should do.

Ultimately this debate didn’t reveal a lot of information of the candidates, and only served to give Democratic supporters anxiety, due to not knowing whether or not their candidates are up to the task. All we can up for is a more interesting, more informational, and frankly more entertaining 5th debate, on November 20th.