Australia’s not so purr-fect cats


Derick Fritts

In Australia, feral cats were just family cats, but when so many cats get out of their houses problems start. The cat problem has been in Australia for more than three years. Australia sells merchandise of cat skins, and fur coats for sale. Feral cats cover 99.8% of the country.

Australia’s cat problem didn’t just appear out of nowhere. The result of feral cats is irresponsible people not taking care of their animals. The cats get out of the house and people don’t look for them. Or they kick out the cat because they don’t have room for the animal. It’s not the cats’ fault that they are feral or feeding on animals, people should be blamed because if they didn’t kick out the cats or leave them this problem wouldn’t have happened.  

Australia’s cat problem is not going away, it will take more than two years over the incline of cats popping out of nowhere. There is a decline of cats because the cat has a bounty of $20 or more. The cost of taking care of a cat, food and health care, would be $1,029 for a year.

Australia has a cat problem we can all agree, but the reason is because of people not taking care of their animals. If people need animals in Australia they should need a license or tag the animal so they know that they are not feral. The feral cats are killing Australia’s native animals and some of those are going extinct.