Art inspiration tips


Mya Anderson

Sometimes itś hard to come up with inspiration but with these tips I have accumulated from various sources, hopefully, it will become easier to become inspired.

  • Set Up Limitations 

Starting from scratch can be extremely difficult and in some cases, intimidating too, so in order to counteract this, begin with a limited set of colors or utensils. Try to use only three or four colors instead of having a collection of colors to start with. Having a limit can make a blank slate so much easier to start with.

  •  Go Outside

As much as our generation likes to stay inside, nature is a beautiful thing and it can draw so much inspiration from inside you. Go on a walk or just simply sit outside. Draw a tree, a flower, or even grass, the landscape before you can inspire you to draw a character or even an exaggerated version of the landscape.

  • Look At Other Artist’s Work 

Try looking at what makes other artists inspired and what makes them feel creative. It could spark your interest in trying a new art style or a new way of shading. It could be the idea or composition that interests you, look at art that you love. Your frustration in wanting to be just as good as the artist and hard work can lead you into making things you can be proud of.

  • Stray Away From Your Comfort Zone

Attempt to draw or make something you haven’t tried much, or just something you think you might be bad at. Itś cliche but it truly does help. When you try something different instead of what youŕe used to it forces your mind to think harder than usual. Which in turn opens up a world of possibilities for your mind to explore and play around with.

  • Just Go For It

Whatever it is youŕe making, just wing it. Just do what you feel is right and then continue to change it over time. When you begin to build up a piece of art and eventually flesh it out, you will be surprised with what sporadic jotting down of ideas can get you. Even with a rough idea of what you want your piece to turn out like, it can become a beautiful masterpiece.