Pollution is people’s problem


Dakota Murchison

     Pollution is a big problem in the world. Although you don’t see most of the harm it has caused it is happening around us every day. It’s tearing the earth apart and killing nature every second of the day. Pollution prevention is very important. It reduces both financial costs and environmental costs. We can change this by doing many different things such as picking up trash, reduce the number of trips, and not burning leaves. 

     One way we can change that and make the earth healthy again is to pick up trash. This can save many more animals and let our nature flourish. Throwing even the tiniest pieces of trash down causes some harm. Humans are damaging our rivers and lakes by throwing waste is causing much of our marine life to die. You should never throw down trash and pick it up when you see it.

     Another way we can save our nature and animals is by reducing the number of trips we take in a car. Combine your errands into one trip and don’t just drive around. Another way you can stop pollution is by warming up your car before driving around because it causes less air pollution. You could also drive at a steady speed and not speeding or going slow because it makes more air pollution. Reduce your car air conditioner as much as possible and don’t leave it running while in a store. 

     The last and final way to prevent pollution is by not burning leaves, trash, and other materials. This will help the air become clearer and the grass becomes more healthy. Burning your household garbage is also dangerous to your health. Instead of burning them find local garbage disposal. This also contaminates the air-water and soil near your home and may cause serious medical issues. Today’s household trash is also full of plastics and paper with chemicals, coating, and ink. 

     We can change pollution by picking up trash, reducing the number of trips you take, and not burning leaves. You can also take many other paths to reduce pollution such as avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment and using solar-powered panels on things. You should try to help prevent pollution by using those tips.