The Insult of the Century


Mya Anderson

      We live in a day and age where things like Pepe the Frog and the “Ok” sign, are being taken in at an extreme point of hilarity. These things have been seen as hate symbols, when in reality; their origin is far different. Now to add to all of it comes in: ̈Ok Boomer ̈. 

     ‘Ok Boomer’ is a term younger generations (specifically Gen Zs and Millenials) use on older ones (Baby Boomers). The insult has even in a popular twitter post by…been compared to of all things the ̈N-word ̈̈! Millennials and Zoomers have taken in this term and framed and molded it into a strike back against the Boomers. 

     For years it seems the older and  ̈wiser ̈ generations have been picking on the younger ones, calling them addicted to their phones, nagging at them for not reading, and just calling everything convenient; saying that in their days, things were harder and needed to be worked for.

     In actuality, isn’t that what they should want for us? For us to free of worry, and be depleted of complexity. They, in fact, should be proud, that they have built a world of convenience and such technology for us, (despite the many problems they have left as well).

     The insult is mostly used as a troll term but there have been more political uses as well such as Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick from New Zealand.

     She responded to a heckler with ̈Ok Boomer ̈̈, it is mostly used to say ¨Alright, you don’t understand and you will be stuck in your ways ̈ Ok Boomer, to many; is a way to fight back against the oppression of Millenials and Gen Z, it ́s a way to let their voices be heard.