Spotlight on Quiz Bowl team

Spotlight on Quiz Bowl team

Kadence Douglas

     Quiz Bowl is a national activity where students are placed on two teams of four or five and compete in a trivia competition. There are four rounds: Warm-Up (20 questions), Bonus (10 questions with a chance for team who answered correctly to get 4 bonus questions), Lightning Round (1 minute for a team to answer 10 questions in a specific category), and Stump the Experts (20 questions- more difficult than the warm-up round). Most junior highs and high schools in the city of Fort smith have a team, but they are usually not put under any spotlight.

     However, this article is intended to put the Ramsey quiz bowl team in the limelight. The team is split into three sub-teams; White (beginners), Blue (intermediates), and Gold (the highest-ranking team). They started their season in October with all three teams, going to tournaments and participating in games with other schools. They have focus groups such as art, literature, math and more to help them hone their knowledge. Practices are were every Monday (white team) and Friday (blue and gold team).

     After a recent game against Chaffin (Gold win, Blue loss, White loss), the real season has really started. The white team is no longer playing as the time nears for the Regional Tournament in January. Gold team, now full of exclusively ninth-graders, now practices every Monday, and blue team, now a mix of seventh graders and eighth graders, practices on every Friday. The teams are prepared for regionals, and hopefully whatever follows.

    Last year, the Gold team earned a spot in nationals in New Orleans. Quiz bowl captain Amanda Allen (GATE teacher) and team members are hoping for the same results this year.

Wish them luck!

GOLD TEAM                                                                                 

Jackson Jennen                                                                                      

Jordan Kennedy                                                                                          

Kadence Douglas

Kaetyn Drury

Braeden Wear

Rawan Yasin

Levi Calvo


Vincente Otero

Sam Pritchard

Dipa Patel

Jackson Austin

Trey Vaughan

Andy Garcia

Shane Nguyen