Queen and Slim Review


Krislyn Wilson

“Queen and Slim” is a movie with the main characters played by Daniel Kaluuya (as Slim) and Jodie Turner-Smith (as Queen). The movie’s message is about police brutality. The movie starts off with a first date between the two, As Slim was taking Queen home, a police officer pulls them over, and starts off being extremely rude. Slim gets out of the car when the policeman asks him to, but it was too late because by the time he gets out of the car the policeman has a gun drawn from his side, ordering Slim to get in the ground. At this point, Queen gets out of the car in order to defend her date, but she doesn’t know Slim had a gun with him in the front seat of the car. So Slim grabs it, and shoots and kills the police officer. They then leave the scene and go on the run to prevent getting caught by the police with support and love from other people, but also tons of hate from people who were not wanting to hear the full story. In my opinion, this movie is something interesting to watch if you would like to learn and know more about police brutality, other’s points of view, and the impact and effect it has on others.